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Welcome to Discover Angus !

This site is being developed as a resource for residents, visitors, and any others who would like to find out more about our unique community.

The goal is to provide one central point of contact whereby a wide variety of information can be accessed, as well as listings and details of local events, and updates of current topics.

So much progress has been made in recent years, and many new residents have moved to Angus because of the affordable, great quality of life in our friendly community.  As a result, many questions are being asked about current and future projects, and so it has become very important to have informative answers. 

On behalf of the team who have brought you this website, I ask that you use the button on each page to submit your ideas for content which you would find of use.  Contact the editor at any time.

I am very proud to live in Angus, and to call it "home".  I hope that you are too!


Keith White
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